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Wedding Flowers 101 - Your DIY Execution Plan

May 26, 2017

Wedding Flowers 101 - Your DIY Execution Plan

There are many ways to go about doing your wedding flowers and you can approach it in a way that works the best for you.  For instance, if you don't have experience with flowers, you can think about having your bouquets done by a professional florist and you and your team can focus on your reception decor and church arrangements. Reception and church arrangements are in general easier to make, they don’t require so much technique and knowledge about the flowers and since they are usually kept in a water source, you don’t need to worry so much about the flowers looking tired. Still, flowers are perishable and therefore having a good execution plan is key. 


Practice run:

A practice run may add a few more dollars to your budget, but it can relieve lots and lots of stress. If you have chosen a containers or if you have two favorites get on of each choice. You may need additional floral supply to work with a given container. Make sure you have all your supply before you start with the execution. Many online retailers now sell 'Sample Packs' for their customers to get familiar with the flowers, e.g. Fifty Flowers offers a Garden Rose Sample Pack for their customers. Use your practice run to create  a 'centerpiece recipe', so you know which and how many flowers go into each arrangement and don't forget to take pictures!


Flower Delivery:

Say your wedding is a on a Saturday, place an order for your flowers to arrive by Wednesday or Thursday before the event. In case you decide to order from an online retailer, you will get flowers, which are out of water for about a day or more. You need to condition and  hydrate them to make sure they drink enough water before you arrange them.  Contact your flower retailer to get the proper handling and care instructions.


Think 'Production Line':

Assuming your wedding is on a Saturday, plan on making the arrangements on Friday.

  • Plan on having help. We recommend 1 person for 4 centerpieces. So if you want create 16 centerpieces, plan on 4 having 4 people (e.g. 3 friends + yourself)  . This way, you will probably be done in about 2.5 hours.

  • First, hand out your 'centerpiece recipe' that you created during the dry run and divide up the flowers in different buckets. Each bucket should have all the flowers which are used for 1 centerpiece.

  • First, cut the foliage (greens) and start greening in the arrangements. Use the foliage to create the base shape of your arrangement.

  • Once you have all 16 arrangements 'greened in', start arranging the flowers.

  • In case you have left over flowers, keep them in water and use them to refresh the centerpieces on the day of the event if needed.



Once you are done with the centerpieces, make sure to add the right amount of water to your arrangement. Store in a cool basement, garage or bathroom over night.


If you follow these few guidelines, we are certain that you are set up for success!!

Your Via Flora Team



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