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The Ultimate Guide to find the Right Tablecloth Size

July 20, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Find the Right Tablecloth size


"How do I know the right table cloth size?" is probably one of the first questions your are going to ask yourself when you are getting ready to plan your event. Well, there are a few things to consider to answer this question, which we are going to go over shortly. However, choosing the right tablecloth size is one of key aspect in creating a stunning tablescape and setting the tone for your event.


Set the Tone

In general, there are 2 sizes to consider - lap length or floor length. Lap or floor length means how much the linen drops from the edge of the table to the bottom of the table cloth. While lap length table cloth is suitable for casual, semi-format or formal events, choosing a full length tablecloth has definitely a more formal touch.

Choosing between lap and floor length also depends on how the tables look and especially how the legs of the tables look. If you have great wooden tables and you are going for a rustic look, you might just want to choose a lap length table runner and that's it! If your venue offers pretty basic looking tables, you might want to go for a floor length table cloth, so that the tables don't take away from your overall picture.


Cover the Legs

If your venue offers basic tables, cover them with a full sized table cloth. Say, you are going for a Peach and Navy look and your venue offers standard white, grey or black tables, we recommend to cover them. No matter how well all the other pieces work together, the overall look just won't look grand. It won't look complete. It won't look the way you envisioned it. It just won't!

In case of a dinner party at home, you probably have a table that fits your decor. In this case, we recommend a lap length table cloth or table runner, especially if you are planning to seat your guest on all sides of the table.


Color your Table

In event and party design, color IS the key. Knowing were to place the mute colors and knowing where to place the focal or accent colors makes or breaks the overall look. If you are new to DIY-ing an event, we suggest to keep the table cloth in a mute color, e.g. cream, beige or light grey and add accents with vases, flowers, napkins or other table decor accessories. Try to stay away from all white table linens - instead go for ivory or cream.

You can also layer your table cloth and choose a full length ivory table cloth and layer with a bold colored table runner. This will set the tone for your color scheme, especially because there will be lots of repetition of this color. In this case, make sure to keep your other decor items such as vases, flowers, plates in a muted or white tone with just a few accents. Otherwise your look will become to busy and you will loose the overall theme.


Is there a simple chart I can use?

We think this table cloth size chart sums it up pretty well! You can use it as a guideline to choose your table sizes and linens. But we always recommend to confirm with your vendor, rental company or venue to make sure what you select will fit your tables.

Your All-in-One Tablecloth Size Chart for round, square and rectangular tables



Your Via Flora Team

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