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Friday, Dec 1st: Demonstration: How to make a $27 Eucalyptus Compote Centerpiece

Friday, Dec 8th : Floral Design Basics: Why you SHOULD use Filler Flowers in your Centerpiece

Friday, Dec 15th : $12 Flower Budget?
We show you a modern round centerpiece that fits the bill (promise, your guests will be in awe)

Friday, Dec 22nd : Pinterest unraveled: Ever wondered how to make this pin?

We'll give you a material breakdown, how much it costs and how you can make more budget friendly version while keeping the same look.

Who is this for:

  • If you have an upcoming wedding, dinner party or anniversary celebration and you are thinking of doing your own centerpieces or reception flowers

  • If you already have some inspiration (e.g. Pinterest), but you're unsure how to create or DIY the same look

  • If you are new to floral design and want to learn some of the basics to create simple and budget friendly centerpieces

  • If you want to find out if DIYing your centerpieces is really for you

  • Flower lovers, who strive from a community of like-minded people

What to expect:

  • A monthly training schedule with weekly Video Tutorials and Live Q&A sessions
  • Sharing of latest floral Design Techniques, Tips & Tricks from a professionally trained Teacher in American, European and Japanese Floral Design
  • Learn about what it takes to DIY centerpieces for an event and how to scale from doing 1 centerpiece to executing them production line
  • A Private Floral DIY Community to connect & share your DIY Journey


This Floral Design Tutorial explains the four major classifications of Flowers and Foliage. This knowledge will guide you to make the best decisions when choosing flowers for your DIY centerpieces or bouquets.

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