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Creating the flower decor for your event is no easy feat, and knowing where to begin can be even more challenging. Should you source flowers from an online retailer, a grocery store or a local florist? Should you invest time in learning how to make floral centerpieces? Is it feasible for you as a beginner to do your own centerpieces for a party of 100? These and many more questions will come up as you think through your project.

That's why we started Via Flora Academy: free, online training for floral design enthusiasts to take the guess work out of the picture and help you decide what's feasible for you.

As florists and event designers ourselves, we had our good share of hits and misses. Our mission is to show you simple tips and tricks that help you create your own floral centerpieces & table decor. No matter if you are an absolute beginner or if you've done it a few times before, we'll get you access to advise, insights and how-to tutorials for a variety of design styles.

Think of Via Flora Academy as a curated library for Floral Design Enthusiasts and new and aspiring Event Designers who want to learn from expert practitioners. Via Flora Academy gives you access to:

On demand tutorials

Get your floral design training for free. Everything from flower selection to color choices, centerpiece designs to fundamentals in table styling, Informative, interactive and shared with a community of motivated enthusiasts, you'll be part of engaging content around timely topics.

Design fundamentals & tools

Get the floral design fundamentals, tools & frameworks that floral and event designers are using to run their business. Via Flora Academy is home to a collection of innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable floral design techniques and essential reading to learn the ins & outs of table styling. All of which can help you to get started with your own project.

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DIY Friendly Centerpiece Designs

Know your Flowers

Tools & Mechanics

Tips & Tricks for Event Design

"The earth laughs in flowers"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Tutorial preview

Got a $10 Flower Budget?
Try this Eucalyptus Compote Centerpiece


Got gorgeous Orchids, but the leaves look dull and dirty?
We show you how to get shiny & lush green leaves.

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